Top Sites FB Cover Photo Customization

While Facebook is obviously one of the premiere social networks sites dominating the social media sphere and is loved by all, one of the most frustrating qualities about the site is its lack of customization opportunities.

The dull blue banners and white backgrounds get boring and exhausting after a while. On a site where uniformity is inescapable, how do you stick out?

Aside from your profile pic, the one thing that you’re now able to customize is your cover photo! Since that’s the one shock of creativity on your otherwise bland Facebook wall, you better go hard or go home. And that means that sometimes your amateur photography isn’t enough. That funny picture you found on the internet will not suffice.

You need something better, harder, faster, stronger. You need something, dare I say it, custom. Unless, you’re a Photoshop pro or on a collegiate budget, you might not think you’re capable of graphic design.

Lucky for you, I’ve crept around the internet and compiled a list of sites and services that aid in the design of your perfect Facebook Cover Photo:

(A quick note! All of these sites/programs allow you to make different kinds of social media graphics, so if you’re looking to brand yourself or create a social media presence for your small business these will all be infinitely useful to you!)

1. Canva (

This easy to use website allows you to choose from several different kinds of creations, including blog headers and Facebook Cover Photos.

The site comes with a whole collection of gorgeous typographical layouts to choose from, so if you want to get wordy you can do so in style.

You can also either choose a photo from their library of free and pay-to-use photos to make your profile pop. And you’re welcome to upload your own!

2. Pagemondo (

If you’re into cutesy, cartoony designs, then this site is probably the most well suited to you. They allow you to choose from several different themes, everything from vacation photo flourishes to Happy Hanukkah banners.

They also already have business focused designs that are created to help promote your growing business or online store. This site is more whimsical and has plenty of cutsie designs to choose from.

3. Fotor (

Similarly, Fotor offers awfully cute designs. However, they have a wide range of pre-made templates that appeal to a more mature audience. If you’re looking for a way to express yourself in black and white photos paired with clever text, this site is for you.

You are also presented with he option to upgrade to their pro option! With your upgrade, you gain access to exclusive content, advanced features, and are constantly updated with new content. And you’ll be free of ads!

4. Adobe Spark (

If you’re looking for a downloadable program for your customized social media posts, look no further than Adobe Spark.

The program allows you to customize your Facebook banner to a T. Whether you’re looking to be the coolest kid online, create a personal brand, or build a business this program has got you covered.

Additionally, Spark allows you to create web stories and videos to further your picturesque Facebook glory.

5. Photoshop Dupes, Specifically GIMP (

If you’re a super, mega, awesome designer person, or if you’re looking to get started, but lack the funds for Photoshop you ought to download GIMP.

This open source photo editing software will allow your creativity to run wild and give you means to build your skills.

Check out the video below for more information on graphic design websites!