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7 Pros and Cons for Myspace Customization

Believe it or not, Myspace still exists. The once thriving social media platform has completely redesigned their site, shifting their focus from teenagers and social media to music and creatives.
The site is completely unrecognizable from what it once was. There is virtually nothing that remains from the Myspace of the past. Everything from their purpose to their layout has completely changed.
With that said, here are a few pros and cons regarding the Myspace redesign:

Pro: Streamlined Customization
If you were an active user of the Myspace of the past, then I’m sure you were somewhat of an HTML wizard. Back in the glory days, the only way to have your profile stand out from the rest of the pack was to customize your page with oodles of complicated lines of HTML.
Customizing profiles, while boundlessly creative, took forever and God forbid you weren’t fluent in HTML and screwed up a line of code. It used to take hours to get your profile where you wanted it.
But now with Myspace’s new streamlined design, it’s simple and easy to achieve a customized background, and since everyone’s profile is standardized in layout, there are no broken HTML glitches or unnavigable pages.

Con: HTML was fun
While it certainly is nice that Myspace has made their site more user-friendly, especially when it comes to the customization of their profiles, there will always be a piece of me that misses the HTML customization.
Sure, it was difficult at first. But when it came down to it, everyone was forced to learn HTML which isn’t a bad skill to have. Myspace forced everyone from middle schoolers to young adults to become wizards at HTML. At the time I thought that HTML was just a cool way to customize my profile, little did I know I could put that on my resume ten years later!
Plus it was kinda fun to make your profile do absolutely whatever you wanted it to.

Pro: Portfolio Section
In an effort to shift the sites focus from purposless social media to the creative communit, Myspace added the new and useful portfolio section to profile.
If you’re an aspiring visual or music artist, this provides you with a creative space to express yourself and display your content. It allows you a space to show everyone what you’re capable of, which might lead to future jobs and recognition.

Con: Better Places for Your Portfolio
While the addition of the portfolio section is nice, there are much more professional sites and ways to present your portfolo than on your Myspace. A better place for your portfolio would probably be on your LinkedIn or better yet you’re own website, with that specific purpose. That way your portfolio is displayed exactly in the way you want it and it’s not cluttered by your social media activity.

Pro: Music Focused
Back in the day, when the youth of the world would spend most of their freetime browsing Myspace – or at least have their page pulled up while browsing the internet – the site served as a music player.
On your page you could customize a playlist of your favorite songs in order to let your friends know what you’ve been listening to. And you could also que up songs to listen to while you surfed the web.
During their revitalization, Myspace refocused their design on music. The feature of adding songs is still presant and there is a music player aswell which harkens back to what everyone loved about the site.

Con: Spotify and Apple dominate
While looking back and expanding on the parts of their site that were great seems like a great idea, the music player is wasted.
With Spotify and Apple music dominating the music market, Myspace has very little room to be useful and different. IF you’re looking for free listening Spotify has their free option and there’s always Soundcloud where you can listen to literally any DJ and rapper, no matter how small.

Pro: They’re Trying!
Myspace is trying. Reguardless of how well you think they’re doing, they’re still going. Even after Facebook dominated the social media market, Myspace has still managed to survive.
They seem to have created a niche social network for the creative community and I expect they have a lot more changes for us as they continue to find their place on the web.

If you want to learn more about Myspace customization, then check out the video below!